While explaining designing and developing websites to a group of uninterested high school students, a friend joked, “Web design is nothing but fashion for nerds.” It didn’t seem like the best metaphor to use but she’s right. In fashion, as in web design, styles come and go; and they do so fast. A website that looks on fleek today may seem garish and old in just a few months. So, as 2018 draws to a close, it’s high time to talk about the hottest trends of web design in 2019

Why Bother with Web Design Trends?

Well, for starters, everything happens on the web today. Doing things physically and in real life is not the consumers’ first option anymore; probably not even the second. Nowadays, everyone does everything – learning, communicating, sharing, shopping, etc. – online. 

Companies know that their website is their existing and potential customers’ first point of contact with them. They understand that they must establish and maintain their presence via a working website. However, it’s not just about functionality. Just like businesses dress up their physical stores; they should dress up their website to make it attractive enough to lure people in, and innovative and convenient enough to keep them in. 

The Hottest Trends of Web Design in 2019

Web design trends have shifted faster and more frequently, compared to its print forefathers and any other kinds of media.

hottest trends of web design 

Here are the top web design trends:

  1. Video Backgrounds. Videos are attention-getting, informative, convenient, sleek, modern, and compelling. Videos help brands convey information quickly, explain complex messages simply, and catch and keep the audience’s attention. Short, muted, and high-quality videos can make a brand. 
  2. Shapes. Shapes are great at catching babies’, and apparently everyone else’s, attention. Geometric, brightly-colored shapes are interesting and engaging. They also load quicker, helps establish structure, and evoke certain emotions. 
  3. Minimalist Design, Special Fonts. The combination of clean, simple, minimalist design with unique and beautifully-arranged fonts has been proven to be more appealing to users. They also work great on mobile devices, making it easy for people to use. We’ll also be seeing more Serif fonts on the web, something that was mainly used in print previously.  
  4. Speed. No matter how beautiful the website is; if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, people are going to walk away. People have short attention spans so get rid of data-heavy large photos, long videos, and Javascript. Smart web designers design with speed in mind. This includes going from one page to the next, conducting transactions, etc.  
  5. Mobile First Access. More people access websites through the smart-phones and other hand-held devices instead of desktops. That means designers are now taking a mobile-first design approach, designing the site for mobile use before creating a desktop-friendly version. Not exactly a new trend, but an ongoing trend nonetheless.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Services Team

Experts predict that in 2019, websites will be more user experience-centered; from the moment their attention is caught with vibrant colors to the ease and speed of the transactions they perform.

Paying for web design services will not only deliver a professional-looking and high-quality website; they also provide the following benefits.

  • The 2 Ts. Professionals live and breathe web design which makes them the master of web trends and techniques. They know their stuff.
  • Bespoke Solutions. Professional designers can customize the site to incorporate the brand’s mission and values with the latest trends and styles seamlessly.
  • The 3rd T. Expert web designers can not only make the site look good; they can make it function really well, making the user’s experience exceptional.

The business wishing to stay competitive in today’s a fast-changing market must have a professional website. Without fresh and current style and function; a brand risks losing potential customers (who are bored at the mere sight of the website) and existing customers who feel the company cannot innovate.

In fashion, you need to stay fresh and updated if you have any chance of making a good impression. In web design, you also need to stay current and on trend. Using this hottest trends of web design in 2019 list will help you make crucial improvements that can affect the reputation and success of a brand’s website.