You renovate your home, you renovate your office. So why not renovate your website and corporate identity?

For many of you — it’s the face of your company. For some of you, running a home business, it’s the only part that customers would actually see.

How do you judge a company, without recommendations or reviews? What is the first thing that you do? For most of us, we look at their website, which has important features such as a logo, general layout, images, content and ease of use. Now, what if all or most of the above failed? Do you then look for reviews or try to find their past work? Or are you so disappointed, that you just move on to find another supplier?

Place yourself in your customers’ shoes and follow the above. Now look at your competitor’s website and see if you get a different feeling about what is on offer. How much business would you be losing just due to the fact that your website and branding are out of date? Is it maybe time to redesign your corporate identity? Revamp your website?

The next important question of course – how much do I want to pay?

It’s hard to guess how much something like that would cost you, but you could do a quick calculation and see how much a customer is worth to you, how many may turn away just by looking at your website and then get a rough number based on that. Maybe investing $2,000 instead of $200 is going to bring you 20x more business in the long run? Cutting corners on your digital design & development is like buying cheap appliances and hiring dodgy labourers. It may look ok at the first glance, but then issues start to appear and things begin to break.

We’ll leave this in your capable hands. But think about the renovation. No-one likes to sit in a hot house, with dirty carpets and broken bathroom plumbing.

corporate visual identity
photo credit: Dominic Sagar 16403 via photopin (license)