Trends come and go and they often do so very quickly. In the world of design, trends are born and die even faster. You can either keep up or give up. Here is a comprehensive roundup of graphic design trends 2019.

Graphic Design; Keep Up or Give Up

Competition is tough these days. Whatever product or service a business is offering, chances are, another company is offering the same. Both graphic designers and business owners know that a company’s visual branding should not be an afterthought but a very important priority.

This is why branding including logo design and a professionally designed website among others have become necessary to start and operate a business. Therefore, graphic designers must move fast and stay on top of trends if they want their work to stay fresh and relevant.

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What’s going on in graphic design this year? Spoiler alert: It’s all about life, movement, and vibrancy.

Look Out: Graphic Design Trends 2019

  1. Art Deco – Eclectic meets opulent, Art Deco bings a powerful visual pop. This year, expect rich colors, metallics, geometric patterns, bold curves, complex lines, intense symmetry, and movement. Think The Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20s!
  2. Asymmetrical Layouts – Say goodbye to rigid grids and say hello to thinking outside the box. People want to feel alive and asymmetrical layouts give off that kinetic vibe. Additionally, asymmetrical layouts spark curiosity, making users stay on the site longer.graphic trends
  3. Complex Gradients and Duotones.
  4. Glitch Style – Nothing says “I’m alive” better than making a mistake and then making something beautiful out of it. That is what the Glitch Style is, a mistake that turned into something great. Different colored layers, deformed and distorted images, and a lack of regularity suggest depth and movement.
  5. Isometric Design – Unlike flat design, isometric designs have depth and detail. In addition, isometric designs and icons come across as warm and tactile.
  6. Open Compositions – For years, structured grid, frames, and boxes were the standard. Gone are the days when design elements were placed in a strict and organized order, with every element visible. Nowadays, and in the foreseeable future, graphic design professionals in Sydney and beyond have started using open compositions hinting at mystery; like there is a secret part of the picture beyond what viewers can see.
  7. Vivid Colors – It’s a well-known fact that colors have psychological powers over those who see it. Colors can send subtle messages, catch the attention of the audience, and convey a message. And nothing can catch the attention and convey a powerful message than vivid colors.
  8. 3D Objects – Life, movements and depth are key graphic design trends in 2019. Designers are now creating compositions with so much depth; they quite literally jump out of the page making users feel like they can almost touch them.

In the world of technology, there is a common saying, “Move fast and break things.” That saying is also true for the graphic design trends of 2019. One must move fast to stay ahead of the pack and one must break the current standard to make their design alive, moving, and vibrant.