Milton Glaser, one of the US’s most celebrated graphic designers, said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Roughly translated, bad design will do more damage to a business while good graphic design can help your business soar to the hall of fame of iconic images.

Take brands like Apple, Disney, and Mercedes Benz. Their graphic design has, over time, become synonymous with quality, innovation, and credibility. This ultimately leads to trust which will, in turn, lead to profit.

The Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic design, nowadays, has become a basic requirement for any business who wishes to build a brand identity. This can be seen in logos, websites, brochures, packaging, signage, branding, and many others.

Graphic design, done right, plays a big role in the brand’s ability to succeed.

  1. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. A brand’s graphic design – for instance, it’s logo – communicates the company’s message to their audience effectively. It does this by using specific design elements to evoke an intended emotion. It’s something that transcends languages and cultures.

  2. BRAND RECOGNITION. When people see an image that “wows”; they will be reminded of the brand behind that logo; thereby establishing that brand’s name in the market.

  3. FAITH. Good aesthetic value makes consumers confident about the brand. Good graphic design appeal to senses and makes people subconsciously trust that brand. They will have faith in the services and products that brand offers.

graphic design for branding business

How Good Graphic Design Can Help Your Business

  1. THE WOW FACTOR. You have about 3 seconds to make a killer first impression. A design that wows will make customers say, “This firm is sleek, innovative, creative, and dependable. I want to do business with them.”

  2. A WISE INVESTMENT. Studies show that companies that invested heavily in design did significantly better than those who didn’t. In fact, a study by The Design Council showed that for every $100 spent investing in design; a business gained $225.

  3. GAIN ACCEPTANCE. Poorly designed websites with busy layouts, boring design, pop up ads, and slow-loading media are often rejected rapidly. More than 90% of people rejected sites because of design-related issues.

  4. REMAIN CONSISTENT. A good and professionally-made graphic design will help keep the branding consistent. Consistency matters. In a study by Malcolm Gladwell, any slight inconsistency will change how people perceive the brand. If Apple suddenly changes its logo’s color to yellow; ugh, suddenly, it doesn’t seem so sleek anymore.

  5. BE REMARKABLE. Anyone serious about building a brand would rather be caught dead than be caught using clip art and stock photos. A good graphic design will set a business apart from others. No matter how similar one company is from a hundred others; when it comes down to the wire, people will always go for the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Ready to Start Branding?

Investing in graphic design is one of the best decisions a business can make. Here are some of the things to consider before hiring a design agency.

  1. BODY OF WORK. Review their portfolios and previous work to see if they can match the vision of the brand.

  2. PRESENCE. Social media activity and presence are very promising signs that the agency is confident and communicative.

  3. UNDERSTANDING. A graphic design agency should understand the business well enough to know who the target audience is and how to communicate the brand’s story, mission, and promise to them.

  4. COST. Sydney graphic design services range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the scope of work. Nevertheless, it is a necessary investment so don’t skimp out.

It’s more than a just good investment that pays for itself many times over. Good graphic design can help your business in truly amazing ways.