Hiring an expert web design team is a huge undertaking. There are thousands of agencies specializing in graphic design. Sydney alone has hundreds of companies to choose from. That makes choosing one that suits a brand’s vision is harder than ever. So, here’s a simple guide on choosing a web design company: what to expect and avoid problems to make the selection process easy easy.

The key, really, is understanding the needs of the brand. Instead of filtering and eliminating options based on factors like referrals, recommendations, etc.; write down the exact needs, goals, and visions of the brand. The right one for the brand will reveal itself.

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Choosing a Web Design Company: What to Expect and How to Avoid Problems

  1. Function

Creating a professionally designed website starts with one crucial question: “How does the website need to function?” Will it be a website with basic information about the company and its contact details only? Or does it have to function a certain special way?

Asking this question is important because it can significantly narrow down your options. The answer to this will determine which type of web designer you need.

Consider the following:

  • functionality to be included now
  • functionality to possibly be included in the future as the business grows
  • content creation and management
  • users’ experience
  • call to action – what do you actually want your customers to do once they get to your website? 
  1. Design Needs

The next question is “How should your website look?”

Translating an idea into, say, a website design, is no easy task. A vague idea isn’t just going to manifest out of thin air, so to speak. The more specific the design request is, the easier it will be for the graphic design specialists to bring it to life.

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Draw it, collect inspiration designs, take note of other websites’ design and features; speak up and let them know exactly what your brand needs.

Consider the following:

  • features and design elements
  • how involved do you want to be in the design process
  • what are the design/function priorities
  • listen and learn. Trust your designer, they really do know best (one would hope so)
  1. Business Needs

Determine the role of the website in the business. Is the website an integral part in marketing and in driving leads and sales? Will it be used only as a source of information? Will it be integrated with other business processes?

Knowing whether the website is central to the business will help determine the budget and the kind of web and graphic design team you will need to execute the idea.

Consider the following:

  • domain names and email services
  • how valuable is the website to the brand
  1. Budget

A website is as good investment as any other for your business, so don’t overlook it. Cheap now, might mean more expense later. The value of a professionally designed website more than makes up for the investment you put in.

Budget a websiteConsider the following:

  • ongoing costs
  • scope and value of the website
  • how much is a customer worth to you

Again, the key is in understanding the needs of the brand. Follow these simple tips in choosing a web design company to know what to expect and how to avoid problems.