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The Hottest Trends of Web Design in 2019

While explaining designing and developing websites to a group of uninterested high school students, a friend joked, “Web design is nothing but fashion for nerds.” It didn’t seem like the best metaphor to use but she’s right. In fashion, as in web design, styles come and go; and they do so fast. A website that looks on fleek today may seem garish and old in just a few months. So, as 2018 draws to a close, it’s high time to talk about the hottest trends of web design in 2019

Why Bother with Web Design Trends?

Well, for starters, everything happens on the web today. Doing things physically and in real life is not the consumers’ first option anymore; probably not even the second. Nowadays, everyone does everything - learning, communicating, sharing, shopping, etc. - online. 

Companies know that their website is their existing and potential customers’ first point of contact with them. They understand that they must establish and maintain their presence via a working website. However, it’s not just about functionality. Just like businesses dress up their physical stores; they should dress up their website to make it attractive enough to lure people in, and innovative and convenient enough to keep them in. 

The Hottest Trends of Web Design in 2019

Web design trends have shifted faster and more frequently, compared to its print forefathers and any other kinds of media.

hottest trends of web design 

Here are the top web design trends:

  1. Video Backgrounds. Videos are attention-getting, informative, convenient, sleek, modern, and compelling. Videos help brands convey information quickly, explain complex messages simply, and catch and keep the audience's attention. Short, muted, and high-quality videos can make a brand. 
  2. Shapes. Shapes are great at catching babies’, and apparently everyone else’s, attention. Geometric, brightly-colored shapes are interesting and engaging. They also load quicker, helps establish structure, and evoke certain emotions. 
  3. Minimalist Design, Special Fonts. The combination of clean, simple, minimalist design with unique and beautifully-arranged fonts has been proven to be more appealing to users. They also work great on mobile devices, making it easy for people to use. We’ll also be seeing more Serif fonts on the web, something that was mainly used in print previously.  
  4. Speed. No matter how beautiful the website is; if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, people are going to walk away. People have short attention spans so get rid of data-heavy large photos, long videos, and Javascript. Smart web designers design with speed in mind. This includes going from one page to the next, conducting transactions, etc.  
  5. Mobile First Access. More people access websites through the smart-phones and other hand-held devices instead of desktops. That means designers are now taking a mobile-first design approach, designing the site for mobile use before creating a desktop-friendly version. Not exactly a new trend, but an ongoing trend nonetheless.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Services Team

Experts predict that in 2019, websites will be more user experience-centered; from the moment their attention is caught with vibrant colors to the ease and speed of the transactions they perform.

Paying for web design services will not only deliver a professional-looking and high-quality website; they also provide the following benefits.

  • The 2 Ts. Professionals live and breathe web design which makes them the master of web trends and techniques. They know their stuff.
  • Bespoke Solutions. Professional designers can customize the site to incorporate the brand’s mission and values with the latest trends and styles seamlessly.
  • The 3rd T. Expert web designers can not only make the site look good; they can make it function really well, making the user’s experience exceptional.

The business wishing to stay competitive in today’s a fast-changing market must have a professional website. Without fresh and current style and function; a brand risks losing potential customers (who are bored at the mere sight of the website) and existing customers who feel the company cannot innovate.

In fashion, you need to stay fresh and updated if you have any chance of making a good impression. In web design, you also need to stay current and on trend. Using this hottest trends of web design in 2019 list will help you make crucial improvements that can affect the reputation and success of a brand’s website.

CMS website development for everyone

CMS Website Development

Times are changing. Gone are the days when the first option for consumers is going out of the house and doing stuff physically. Now, people shop, connect, share, learn, and do many other things online. Most people establish and maintain their presence online. In the same way, organizations must establish and maintain their presence via a working website. Every company must have one. But alas, most people have no coding experience and would bleed to death at the mere mention of HTML, CSS, YAML, and other scary-sounding acronyms. That's what CMS Website Development is for. No technical skills; no problem.

Behold! A New Technology in Website Development

Hand-coded HTML websites, like wishing friends a happy birthday in out-loud words, are a thing of the past. Now, all anyone needs is a CMS or Content Management System.

A CMS provides a hassle-free way to manage your website. With a CMS, you should be able to:

  • add and edit texts and content
  • upload photos and other media
  • manage and share content, user accounts, files, etc.
  • view statistics and analytics
  • integrate other required business processes
  • provide a gateway to the organization's other pages (i.e. social media)

With a CMS, creating a website or a webpage, or uploading and sharing files shouldn't take more than just a few minutes. CMS makes the job easy, simplifies processes, and increases efficiency across teams and organizations.

Choosing a CMS for Website Development

CMSs have changed the face of website creation and development. The website development process used to be reserved for a chosen few. Today, however, websites are popping up by the millions because of CMS's convenience, accessibility, and functionality.


simple cms web development to use

How does one choose the right CMS from the myriad of Open Source ones on the web? Here are some of the most important things to look for in a website development CMS.

  1. Installation - Can it be installed and set up quickly and easily, even without the IT Guy's help?
  2. Interface - "Bigger is better" does not apply to CMS, especially to those without the necessary skills or experience to use the fancy features, extensions, and plug-ins. Novices should pick a CMS that is easy to use with a simple admin interface. Otherwise, all that paid-for fanciness will go to waste. 
  3. Functionality - Choosing a CMS is like choosing a house or apartment. The selection should be purely based on needs. Additionally, a CMS must offer the extensions and plugins that the company needs to conduct business transactions.
  4. Style - Ease of use doesn't mean bland. A CMS with an easy-to-modify template will give the user the ability to insert their personal style into the website with ease.
  5. Community - As in life, a community is very important in CMS. A CMS's users are the best source of information on its functionality, hacks, and hiccups. Support from the community is invaluable when it comes to resolving issues and learning the ins and outs quickly. 
  6. Recommendations – What do you know, really? Ask the experts, do some research. If your developer works with Wordpress, but you’ve read somewhere that Magento or Drupal is the way to go, you should probably make sure your developer is proficient at whatever CMS you end up choosing.

CMS Website Development: Other Things to Remember

  • A user-friendly CMS is always better than a geek-friendly one.
  • Just because CMS is established with a huge following does not mean it's right for a particular organization. Research is essential.
  • Switching between CMSs don't cost much. If a CMS doesn't fit the company's evolving needs; there's no shame in redesigning with a better system.
  • While CMS is a great tool for creating a powerful website; it still comes down to personal preferences and working with a reputable development team that can be trusted to deliver what the organization needs.

So much of life today is conducted over the internet. Important transactions and even non-important ones are now done online. That's why for businesses, building and maintaining an excellent online presence is of utmost importance. CMS Website Development helps companies achieve these and more by allowing companies and individuals drive and conduct business online hassle-free; easing them into the 21st Century.

what is seo services for a website promotion

What is SEO Services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization may sound intimidating to the untrained ear. It's complicated, complex, and its nitty-gritty can bring even the bravest non-geek to tears. However, SEO is as important as building as a beautiful website. What is SEO, what is SEO services, what are its benefits, and how does an organization get SEOed? Keep reading and find out.

SEO 101

Every organization needs SEO. In a nutshell, SEO optimizes a website to ensure the following:

  1. Better Search Engine Ranking - SEO can help place the website on the highest-ranking organic placement in search results page. This leads to increased website traffic.
  2. Increased Website Traffic - People never go beyond the first page of search results, definitely never (ever!) past the second. Sites on the first page get more exposure, more views, and more leads which has a huge potential for sales.


website promotion or what is seo services

What is SEO Services?

This cannot be stressed enough. Every business needs SEO. The job is usually outsourced to a service provider; unless they want to DIY it and spend a few years learning everything one needs to know to optimize a website for search engines. For those who want to get back to business, literally and figuratively, there are many cost-effective SEO services out there to take care of the company's needs, SEO-wise, that is.

Most providers offer a wide variety of SEO-related services such as the following:

  • Website Needs Analysis - Evaluating the website's current SEO is usually the first task. Once the strengths and weaknesses are identified; they can then come up with a better SEO strategy.
  • Strategic Planning - After the site audit, the provider will take the data gathered to develop a bespoke plan for the website. This includes keyword and keyphrase optimization and other actions that will help the website rank higher.
  • Tools Set Up - The provider will identify the tools, programs, and systems to achieve the goals set in the strategic planning phase.
  • Optimization - Once the tools are in place, the provider can then execute the optimization plan and monitor the results.
  • Tracking - SEO is not a one-off process. It requires constant tracking and analysis, as well as keeping up-to-date with any changes in the world of SEO.
  • Other Services - SEO companies offer other services like technical SEO audits, optimization of certain pages, robots, sitemaps, and many others.


Advantages of Using Corporate SEO Services

The cost of SEO services is justified by the numerous benefits they offer. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing corporate SEO services.

  1. Specialized Experience - SEO Service providers know what they're doing. They have insider info to get the website to rank well and improve website traffic. It is also the home of experts on different aspects of optimization. When in doubt; call the pros. They know what to do.
  2. Tools of the Trade - SEO service providers have access to all the latest and best SEO tools, programs, and systems. They also provide tracking an analysis every step of the campaign. All of those tools are quite pricey if you were to use them yourself to monitor just one website.


Get SEOed!

How does an organization get search engine-optimized? Finding an SEO service provider is key. Here are some of the things to consider when selecting an SEO service provider:

  • Portfolio - Look at the company's past projects, case studies, and client feedback. Also, look at the professionals working for the company. What is their expertise? Qualifications?
  • All-in-One - Look for a provider who does all their SEO work in-house and not outsources their jobs to some geek in a basement somewhere. Businesses need to know who's working on their website to ensure work quality, accountability, and security.
  • Offers - Do they offer strategies that are customized to their clients' unique needs?
  • Black or White - As a general (and common sense) rule, choose ethical SEO services over dodgy ones. No legitimate business would want to be associated with shady hackers.
  • What is SEO Services? It's a nifty and totally-worth-it investment every organization needs to make. The benefits of SEO and making sure it is done right by professionals can be seen in many ways. It will be the best use of a company's marketing money. Get SEOed today!


How to Develop an E-commerce Website

If given a choice between buying stuff online and shopping the old-fashioned way, the modern customer will say they prefer — both. Shoppers today want some digital with their physical, and vice versa. Because the customer is always right, businesses can do little but comply. So consumers can have their cake, and they can eat it. And they can do all of that without ever having to think about how to develop an ecommerce website that lets them shop online.

But that’s what business owners and managers are for. Even small businesses and the people who own them need to take their online presence seriously and provide their customers with a decent online shopping experience. Lucky for them, it’s never been easier to develop an e-commerce website than it is now.

Do Not Go Blindly into Ecommerce Website Development

A good business owner will have plenty of things figured out before the actual development of the website starts. An online business is still a business, after all, and it needs to do all the things other businesses do:

  • Register as a business entity;
  • Decide on the line of products it will sell;
  • Figure out a catchy name;
  • Think about branding at least a little bit.

These things will matter a lot for the success of the ecommerce website. Businesses that don’t register as real businesses and sell stuff online are running the risk of potential legal troubles. Businesses that don’t focus on a certain type of product waste their energy trying to sell everything to everyone. So the work on the website needs to start before the actual development.

Ecommerce Website Development Key Choices

Two of the most basic decisions future ecommerce website owners need to make is the domain name they’ll use, and who is going to host the website.

The domain name doesn’t have to be the same as the name of the business. It doesn’t have to be the same as the name of the website. But it helps a business if it doesn’t make it too hard for the customers to remember it. So all the names should at the very least be easy to remember together.

The hosting is a serious decision. Good hosting providers can make it incredibly easy for small business owners to develop an e-commerce website. They can have dedicated WordPress hosting, for example, which makes WordPress website development easier. And the only thing that’s separating a WordPress website from an online store is a WooCommerce website plugin. For DIY store developers, this is probably the way to go.

DIY vs Hiring a Website Development Company

This is a good point for a small business owner to ask themselves a simple question: do I want to figure out how to develop an ecommerce website on my own? Or do I want someone else to take care of everything for me?

The truth of the matter is that it’s incredibly easy to find a professional ecommerce website development company. It might not be too hard to find a good one, even, regardless of the location. It’s as easy to find a great website development company in Sydney as it is to find one in Perth, or Brisbane.

And it’s also possible to find good service at a reasonable price. DIY like Wix or Squarespace can be cheaper, though, unless the resulting website ends up destroying the business. And that happens. Either way, this is the time to make the choice.

Website Development Basics

Business owners who decide to build their own WooCommerce website will probably want to stick with easy-to-use website builders. Still, they will need to sort out the product images, as well as the website copy. That work is neither easy nor irrelevant, and it can be time-consuming. Especially when compared to using ecommerce website development services for WordPress WooCommerce development.

Website builders make it easier by letting users choose things like themes and by making it easy to rearrange things on the visual side. The business owner will still need to set up a payment getaway if they expect to earn some money. But then again, the website builder can take care of that for them, too.

Choosing a shipping partner and beefing up security are the two final concerns. The shipping partners might wary from one region to another, and they might have different prices. Finding a reliable one might require some researching online, but it’s effort well spent.

For the security, the very basic thing business owners can do is install an SSL certificate. Not only will it make the website more secure, it will also keep the business in Google’s good grace. And that’s what all websites (and humans) should be striving to.

And that’s about it. Once they’ve done with these steps, business owners will have a functional ecommerce website they can use to sell their wares to people all across the globe. Of course, the real work starts when they have to figure out how to get those people from all across the globe to visit their store. But hey, they managed to build their own website. They’ll figure the rest out.

website development

How to Excel at Your Website Design

When it comes to website design, there are lots of issues that have to be considered to make it a success and avoid getting stuck with a half finished website (that generally never gets finished). Sounds familiar? Then read on.

Just think about the amount of websites that keep emerging nowadays. It’s close to impossible to calculate their approximate number, which is explained by the serious niche competition and the desire of business owners to establish reliable web presence for their companies.

A professionally-designed website has already become a must-have tool for any business, irrespective of its size, specialisation or goals. Thus, if you have just set up your own business or plan to promote an existing one, you won’t go without hiring an experienced and skilled website developer to complete the task in the best way possible. If you plan to stay ahead of the curve, you are bound to be aware of the latest industry innovations and website design trends that will help you reach your short and long-term business objectives. Here are the top three website development Sydney trends that will help you gain success in contemporary website building:

Usability Goes First

What is the first idea that comes to your mind, when you think about website design? In most cases, the answer to this question will be: usability, also known as User Experience or UX in short. Don’t know what that word means? Well, it’s all about how easy it is to use the website, navigate through it, find or buy what you need. Websites have to be created with the browsing convenience and ease-of-use in mind. Otherwise, there is no sense in launching a website at all. Whatever niche you specialise in and whatever goals you plan to achieve by using a website, the first and the foremost task is to enhance its usability.

Mobile Optimisation

We live in the era of advanced mobile technologies and innovations. It’s close to impossible to imagine a modern user without a variety of mobile devices, which are frequently used on the go. This is especially true, when it comes to business owners, who spend much time outside their offices and need to have their gadgets at hand. This is where mobile-optimised website designs become not a whim, but a reality. If you overlook this nuance, you run a risk of losing traffic and eventual profit as the number of people, who use smartphones and tablets to access websites, keeps increasing with every passing year. It’s only up to you to ensure convenient, mobile friendly and easy web browsing experience for your target audience.

Mind Your Website Style

Whether you work on your wordpress website design or use other web building tools, you have to make sure your project looks stylish and up-to-date. With so many businesses offering similar services, you have to make up something unique and extraordinary to make your website stand out from the crowd. Take your time to explore popular standards and elements used by professional website developers to find out how to implement them properly in order to get maximum web exposure. Here is where you make that decision, do you go for a custom designed website or settle for a premade theme?

Keeping up with contemporary trends will contribute to the popularity and professional look of your project. Listed above are the top three tips on how to enhance your website design, boost its popularity, drive traffic and get the desired result.

design for small business

How a Sydney based graphic design studio consultants support small businesses

Customers judge a business within a few seconds and the initial judgment is exclusively based on visual appeal. Look for a graphic design studio in Sydney that provides graphic design services which will make your business credible and visually appealing in the eyes of clients and potential customers. Bear in mind that if your graphic design is poor, no one will spare even a second to look at your website. It does not matter that you are offering high-quality products and services. As it is said, don’t judge a book by its cover, but isn't that what the covers are made for? You only get one opportunity to ensure your business branding conveys the right first impression to your client base. One of the easy ways out to please your customers is by using a local studio based in Sydney for your graphic design.

design for small business

Some of the design services you are expected to receive:

1. Brand logo design services

Your startup or small business has to satisfy all your stakeholders. Your stakeholders include customers, investors, suppliers, and media. The impact a professionally designed logo has on the visibility of your brand is priceless. In short, great logo design Australia is great for your business. The opposite can be said about a badly designed logo, something that is very outdated or is visually unappealing. Collaborate with an Australian graphic design studio to ensure your logo design conveys the right message to all your stakeholders, especially your customers.

2. Brand identity design

Your brand should feature three qualities: recall, acknowledgement and impact on customers. The right graphic design nurtures branding uniformity. Local Australian graphic design consultants will design a website, a brochure or letterhead for your business using precise typefaces, colors and imagery that leads to brand identity and corporate identity in equal measure. They see to it that your customers derive the exact experience looking at your brochure as they do visit your website. It’s that visual connection between printed and digital media that holds your brand in the customer’s memory.

3. Web design

A key parameter that influences progress and success in any business is web design. Whether your business succeeds or not in the online space is largely determined by your website design and UX. It’s one thing to have a website, but it’s another thing to have an attractive and professional website that works well and loads fast.

In an online environment where competition is very high, the first visual impression of your website to prospective customers is something to really think about. Graphic designers in Sydney can create an attractive website design for your business that will easily give visitors the information they seek. If you are looking to develop a customised and mobile-ready website, one that emphasises branding and engagement with your customers, consider web design services from a local Sydney graphic design studio. The service and ongoing support is something you will appreciate during and after the website is live.

In business, there is no room for complacency. You have to be on the lookout for creative ways to design or redesign your website and logo, but also to consistently enhance it. This is because brand success is determined by many variables. One variable that leads to business success is your brand logo design. Having a logo design that is in tune with your business is irreplaceable. Think of hiring Sydney logo design consultants to open up new possibilities for improving graphic design in your business and in the long term brand success.

SEO Sydney

How to Choose a Trusted SEO Services Company in Sydney

Search Engine Optimisation can make or break your website promotion success as it has notable impact upon the efficacy of this process and your business advancement in general. In most cases, this depends upon the SEO strategy you choose, the techniques and tools you use and the SEO services company you deal with. The more experienced, professional and trusted it is, the higher are the chances that your business will eventually stand out from the crowd and show up on top Google search results. However, if you hire a company, the reputation of which will leave much to be desired, the result will sooner or later disappoint you. Not only that, it can do more harm then good and get your website into some serious, long-term trouble with Google, Bing and others alike.

What you should understand is that search engine optimisation is not a matter of several days or even weeks. It generally involves hard work, investment of time and effort to achieve the desired result. This is a 2-way street, where an SEO company will work closely with you and expect your involvement in the whole process for best results. With so many companies offering SEO services out there, the choice of the best one often becomes a challenge. Anyway, how can you be sure that you deal with a credible service? Mind the following tips that will help you select a professional Sydney SEO services company that will come up to your requirements and needs.

1. Take Your Time and Do Your Homework

The number of companies offering SEO services is really impressive and you cannot know, which of them is worth the investment, right from the start. Thus, it doesn’t make any sense to hire the very first team you come across online or offline, even if it seems to be a decent solution. Instead, do some research to find out as much as you can about them. Try to get recommendations from the partners you trust, look through customer reviews, check out their websites or even visit their offices in person to have a face-to-face discussion with their top managers. Feel free to ask for their portfolios to check the results of their work with previous websites. Finally, select 2-3 companies that seem to be trustworthy.

2. Discuss The Strategy

When it comes to choosing SEO services in Australia, website promotion strategy matters a lot. Companies may practice different approaches and may have their own vision of successful promotion of your project. As soon as you define the companies you would like to cooperate with, take your time to discuss their strategies and plans on how to boost your website search engine ranking. If you are aware of SEO basics, inquire about the packages they offer and the programs they use. It also makes sense to ask them to make up a search engine optimisation plan for you business. If you have time and desire, you can outsource SEO services to look for the best deals offered.

3. Analyse the Results and Make Your Choice

As soon as you have all the required information at hand, it is now time to analyse the results and make the final choice. Compare the offers, characteristics, strategies, pros and cons of companies that appeal to you to select the best Sydney SEO services studio, which will work best for your business promotion. May your choice be a successful one!

graphic design services

The way graphic design can affect promoting your business in Sydney, Australia

Small businesses encounter serious competition in the prevailing amount of niches. Australian-based companies are not an exception. With a variety of locations and multiple business areas that are in demand nowadays, being popular with customers is much more complicated than you can imagine. Whatever business niche you specialise in, get ready to develop your own strategy that needs to differ from those offered by your competitors. When it comes to making up your marketing plan, don’t overlook the importance of using Sydney graphic design services. Here is why.

1. Variety of Approaches

Whatever graphic design company in Brighton Le Sands, St George area or around Sydney in general you will work with, they will offer you multiple approaches to the development of your brand style and promotion strategy. The fact is that most of these companies will focus on the design of visual means of your company presentation. These include brochures, business cards, websites, ad banners, logos, stationery items and other products that create a visual impression upon your potential and existing clients and make your business recognisable among the competitors.

The more attractive and unique your brand style is - the higher the chances to beat niche competition are. It’s up to the graphic design studio you cooperate with to develop an effective, alluring and profitable marketing strategy that comes with that visual style.

2. Business Identity

When it comes to small business promotion and the role of graphic design companies in this process, creating a business identity is a must. Business identity, or shall we say Corporate Identity is what can make your business stand out from the crowd and includes a broad range of marketing tools (like business cards, banners, logo, website etc.). If your number one goal is to promote your business in Australia, then finding a trusted and professional graphic design studio somewhere in Sydney would probably be a good start.

The thing is that experienced graphic designers understand the importance of your business promotion and have the firsthand knowledge of the steps that have to be undertaken to maximise your chances for success. That is a reason why they won’t face problems when creating your brand identity, while focusing on the requirements and preferences of the target audience.

3. Expansion to New Local Markets

Suppose, you have just launched a new business or already own a credible company in Sydney. What will your further actions and goals be? Will you be satisfied with the current state of affairs (even if your business is already profitable)? Or you will still intend to expand your business to new local markets? The answer is obvious. What’s the sense of starting a business, if you don’t plan to expand it and reach the new markets? Being busy with the day to day of business operations would generally hold you back, but this is where the companies in Australia offering professional graphic design will come in handy.

Delegate! Seriously, we can’t suggest anything better than delegate. Experts in graphic or web design can help you achieve your objective in multiple ways, starting with the creation of advanced product designs, development of stunning marketing strategies and up to your business website SEO promotion. And they will do it a lot better than you. No offence, but this is the truth. Probably why we don’t try and tackle every task ourselves either, there are experts that we pay to do things that we are not good at. Simple. A lot would, of course, depend upon the agreement you have with the graphic designer in Sydney and the goals you plan to achieve in the long run.